About Coal in Montana

12349_509641479130207_406863199_nSome of the world’s largest fossil energy companies want to turn Montana into a coal resource colony.  Major coal corporations want to open or expand new coal mines in Montana, endangering precious aquifers and destroying agricultural land.  They want to use our neighborhoods as a throughway for dirty, polluting coal trains headed to the West Coast.  And while other states transition to clean, renewable electricity, these companies want to keep Montana hooked on burning coal that pollutes our air while endangering the global climate.

We can’t let the coal companies win.

Fortunately, Montanans are fighting back against out-of-state coal corporations.  From Lame Deer to Whitefish and from Billings to Missoula, hundreds of people have spoken out against the coal industry and won some important victories.  We stopped the construction of a massive new coal mine and coal-hauling railroad in Montana’s Tongue River Valley.  And we’re part of a larger Northwest-wide movement that defeated four new coal export terminals.

Now it’s more important than ever to keep pushing back against the coal industry and jumpstart Montana’s clean energy future.  We must defeat fossil fuel companies’ remaining coal export proposals, and we must replace coal-fired energy generation with clean, renewable electricity.  Get involved in the fight to make Montana coal-free.


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